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I am so fucking sick of all the hatred being directed at the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the good people from the criminal scum lurking in this world.  Especially after some piece of shit just murdered five of them; who were protecting one of those protest groups, by the way.  And yet these motherfucking assholes continue to protest, while cursing the white man, all for the actions of one officer; who probably won't even be wearing his badge for much longer.

Yes, admittedly, a few of the recent Police shootings were murders.  Like the man who was running and was shot in the back.  That was clearly murder.  But when a man violently resists and attempts to steal an officer's gun; which he clearly intends to shoot said officer with, and is shot himself, that is not murder.  That is a cop taking out the trash.  But of course, because Michael just happened to be black and the officer just happened to be white, all the retards of America have to call racism.  (Whereas the people who actually have brain cells rightfully call bullshit on that.)  Well, even if Freddie Gray was in fact murdered, the racist claim loses all credibility when you look at three of the five officers involved in that case.  What's this?  Black Police officers?!  *gasp*

And furthermore, if black lives matter so much, then what about this one?…

That's right, a black man who was trying to put an end to the violence in Baltimore- which those BLM assholes started, by the way- was shot and killed by another black man.  So where's the outrage there?  Was his killer not white enough for you?  Either way, he would be dead.  So why does it need to be a supposed racism case, for a murder to be of any importance to you people?! 

Clearly, BLM doesn't care about black lives.  They're just playing the race card as an excuse to try and destroy the Police department, so they can go on committing crimes.  That bullshit needs to stop.  Now.  The Police deserve better than this.  If these protests are the thanks that those officers get, for giving their lives to protect their right to protest, then maybe those asshole protesters don't deserve to be protected!  Especially if they're going to inconvenience other people who had nothing to do with the incidents in question, by blocking traffic or starting riots.


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